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  • Do you want a business where you can work from home in 90 minutes per day?
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  • Full trading Education Modules from Beginner to Experienced.
  • Indicator Package to identify key areas for taking trades.
  • Discord server for our trading community.
  • Ongoing Weekly Coaching.

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Basic Mastery Course


  • We provide videos to help you set up your trading platform, add your indicators and set up your platform workspace and chart templates.
  • We will organize calls via Zoom or Whatsapp if you need in-person help getting set up.
  • We provide templates for Trading Strategies (ATMs) and Fibonaccis.
  • Ongoing Weekly Coaching.
  • Discord server.

We walk you through the entire process:



  • Introduction to Futures
  • Candlestick Analysis
  • How to place a trade
  • Trade #1
  • Trade #2
  • Trade #3
  • Introduction to Fibonacci


  • Stair Stepping
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Fibonacci Extensions
  • Fibs on the 5 Minute Chart
  • 15 and 60 Minute Fibs
  • Larger Chart Fibs
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Access all the technical trading tools we use in our education


  • Indicators to help identify key areas and opportunities to take trades
  • Fibonacci retracement and extension templates
  • ATM templates to help manage risk and reward for each trade

Specifically designed for trading the 5 minute charts, the TradePro indicators offer at-a-glance volume and volatility indicators, a trend indicator, candle strength indicators, institutional brickwall indicators, along with a candle timer. They also automatically plot important daily, weekly and monthly resistance levels.

TradePro indicators help you identify the same levels of market support and resistance used by major institutions. You may use them to pinpoint opportune moments to take winning trades by indicating market strength, direction and key reversal points, at your own risk.

Get in on the action

Weekly training, private Discord server and live trading room


Join our team of professional traders and mentors for weekly training, or visit our Discord server to swap tips, post trades, ask questions and find support for your trading journey.

Silverdale Trading Academy

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Unlock access to our member’s area and a community of traders, education, guidance and practical trading tools with your Silverdale subscription.

Trading tools and education for all

We offer Trading Education for everyone from beginner to advanced, as well as all the technical trading tools we use in all our education.

24/7 community support

Join our active trading community on our Discord server. Come swap tips, post trades, ask questions and find support for your trading journey.

Weekly coaching +
TradePro Indicators +




Weekly coaching
TradePro indicators
Installation videos
Discord server

Weekly coaching +
TradePro Indicators +
Discord + Live trading room




Weekly coaching
TradePro indicators
Installation videos
Discord server
Live trading room

Basic Mastery Course


once-off, lifetime access


Educational course
1 month free weekly coaching +
TradePro indicators +
Discord +
Live trading room

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You will receive instant access after payment and you can cancel anytime from within your account dashboard. Trade at your own risk.


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“Silverdale’s coaching and live trading room have been invaluable in refining my trading skills. The expert guidance and real-time insights have significantly boosted my confidence and profitability.”


“STA has transformed my trading game with their exceptional strategies and support. Highly recommended for aspiring day traders!”


“Silverdale Trading Academy have taught me trades with a high strike rate and a great risk reward ratio, which have transformed my trading.”


Learn to Trade Without Risking Your Own Capital


When it comes to trading, what is the number one sticking point for most people?


The good news is that you don’t need any capital to trade today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers to all of your questions. If you don’t find them here, contact us.

What are Futures?
Futures markets facilitate the trading of Futures contracts, which represent agreements to buy or sell various assets at predetermined prices and dates. These contracts, classified as derivatives, derive their value from underlying assets. Each contract has a defined start and end date but can be liquidated at any point before expiration. For instance, an investor might purchase a Futures contract based on the current price of gold with the intention to sell it at a future date for a potentially different price.

What can I trade with Futures?

The Futures markets offer a vast array of asset classes for trading, making them highly diverse and dynamic. Here are some of the asset classes available:

1. Stock Indices Futures (e.g., E-mini S&P 500, E-mini NASDAQ 100, E-mini Dow Jones)
2. Commodities Futures (e.g., Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, Copper)
3. Currency Futures (e.g., Euro FX, Japanese Yen, British Pound)
4. Interest Rate Futures (e.g., 10-Year T-Note, 30-Year T-Bond, Eurodollar)
5. Energy Futures (e.g., Heating Oil, Gasoline)
6. Agricultural Futures (e.g., Corn, Soybeans, Wheat)
7. Metal Futures (e.g., Copper, Gold, Silver)
8. Livestock Futures (e.g., Live Cattle, Lean Hogs)
9. Softs Futures (e.g., Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar)
10. Index Futures (e.g., CBOE Volatility Index (VIX))
11. Cryptocurrency Futures (e.g., Bitcoin Futures, Ethereum Futures)

This diverse range of asset classes provides traders with ample opportunities to engage in trading activities across various markets and sectors.

On which markets do you trade Futures?

The majority of our traders engage in day trading indices. Our most frequently traded markets include NASDAQ, FDAX, S&P500, Gold, and Oil.

The strategies we teach are applicable across a wide range of Futures markets.

What trading platform do you use?

We use a third party platform called NinjaTrader, which is easy to install and set up. NinjaTrader allows us to receive real time data directly from the exchange. The platform allows all traders globally to enter and exit the markets using Clearing Houses, which provides a manipulation free trading environment in the process.

NinjaTrader also provides simulation trading which is vital for practicing your trading before you begin trading with real money.

What indicators do you use?

We use TradePro Indicators which are custom designed for the strategies and trades that we teach. TradePro Indicators identify the key areas of support and resistance that the big institutions use, and also help to identify windows of opportunity for taking successful trades. As well as providing support and resistance levels, the TradePro Indicators provide a candle timer, volume and velocity indicators and a trend indicator.

What are the minimum PC requirements for Ninja Trader Desktop?
Your PC must meet the following minimum requirements to run NinjaTrader Desktop:

– Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, or later (64-bit).
– Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit processor.

Please ensure your PC meets these specifications before installing and running NinjaTrader Desktop.

Can I learn to trade without risking my own capital?
Yes! Many of our traders use prop companies who provide funded accounts once the trader has passed an evaluation. In this way, it is possible to trade without using your own personal savings.

For further information, click on the “Funded Accounts” tab at the top of the page.

What is the Live Trading Room?

At Silverdale Trading Academy, we hold live trading sessions via Zoom/Youtube, where our members can join the session and watch as our professional traders talk about the market and execute trades.

Can I trade whilst working full time?

Yes you can. Because Futures markets are global, there are several trading sessions each day which can fit around your full or part time work. Some of our members trade early in the morning, some at lunchtime and some in the evening after the work day has ended. Regardless of when you work there is likely a session that fits your normal schedule. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new skill which can supplement your usual income, or which can take over from your usual income once you are trading profitably. We also have members who make their full time living from trading.

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