Funded Accounts

When it comes to trading, what is the number one sticking point for most people?


The good news is that you don’t need any capital to trade today.
There is absolutely no need to use your own money to trade.

How it works

There are reputable prop companies who offer the opportunity to have a funded account with them.

For a small fee, you can obtain an evaluation account with Apex Trader Funding. Once you pass the evaluation, there is a small lifetime fee (or an ongoing monthly fee instead) to activate your Performance Account.

You can trade up to 20 accounts at a time, which enables you to spread your risk across multiple accounts.

Payouts are twice monthly, and you can either use your payouts to fund your own cash account, or carry on trading with the funding company, who will take a small commission on your profit.

We use Apex Trader Funding, and some of our members have Performance Accounts with them.

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